EBT provides various legal services. Prices vary according to the nature of the assignment, the principal and the difficulty of the job. The price for each contract is agreed between the individual lawyer and the client. The conditions that apply will be stated in the agreement between the client and the lawyer on contract confirmation. Prices on this page are indicative and are valid from 15. February 2011. Individual agreements can be made and these prices are then set aside. Billing occurs on the basis of elapsed time, unless the client and attorney have agreed on a fixed price. Normally, we will bill monthly.

Normal hourly rate:

Private individuals will pay an hourly rate of NOK 1875 to 2200 inclusive of VAT, while companies pay between NOK 1800 to NOK 2500 ex VAT, depending on the jurisdiction, the complexity and the demand for skills. Organizations pay an hourly rate of NOK 1800 ex VAT, or according to the agreement in each case.

Free legal aid and free proceedings:

The hourly rate for granted free legal aid and free legal representation from the public sector is currently (rates current as of 1/9/11) NOK 905 (ex VAT). Income limit for free legal aid for single is NOK 246,000 and NOK 369,000 (income limits applicable as of 01/01/11) for spouses and others who are living together with shared finances. Asset limit is NOK 100 000


Expenses and fees are billed in addition to the above.

Legal expenses insurance:

Common home / contents insurance, house insurance and car / boat insurance usually have provisions for coverage of expenses for legal assistance where it is participating as an individual. Total expenses from the insurance company is normally restricted to NOK 80.000-100 000. Practical examples are disputes concerning the purchase and sale of homes, cars and boats, as well as compensation. The policyholder usually pay a deductible on the first NOK 2,500 to 4,000 with the addition of 20% of the total cost, minus the aforementioned separate section. The specific policies are stated in the insurance conditions. We encourage all clients who are involved in a dispute to examine their insurance.